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Lorentz Approved Parter

Solar Well Pumps in Costa Rica

Lorentz Solar Well Pump Costa RicaIntiTech Solar Well Pump Systems can Pump up to  450 Meters Elevation

Fresh water sourcing and delivery is the most important component of coastal, remote and city living when planing your residence or vacation home in Costa Rica. Solar well delivery via pump is the most cost efficient and clean way to meet your water demands. Please email us with more information so we can determine your needs and design a system to meet your needs.

Well pumps provide water for general use, drinking and irrigation with much greater efficiency than conventional pumps. In order to size your well pump, the flowing information is required:

Helical Rotor Pump

Solar Well Pump

The LORENTZ (HR) helical rotor pumps are designed to be both efficient and robust.

How the Helical rotor pump works (below)


Lorentz Solar Well Pump

Sizing Requirements for Well Pumps

  1. Distance from bottom of the well to the tank’s water intake.
  2. Distance from the well to the tank.
  3. Distance from the well to the nearest south-facing roof or nearest unshaded spot (for top of the pole mounting).
  4. How many liters per day needed.
  5. Well pump geographical location.

Solar Pump Performance

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