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Photovoltaics pays off for private households

In times of rising energy prices, sourcing your energy supply from photovoltaics is an attractive alternative for private households. By using your own photovoltaic system, you can make a major contribution towards the energy revolution and an environmentally friendly energy supply. You can also ensure your independence from rising energy prices. What’s more, the investment in photovoltaics also pays off financially: the price of self-generated solar energy is already often cheaper than the cost of purchasing electricity from the grid. In many countries, photovoltaic system owners enjoy state subsidies and tax benefits. Plus, the more self-generated solar energy you use, the quicker your photovoltaic system pays for itself.

“Not having to pay a Cent when I go to the petrol station is certainly rather handy,” says the 16 year old daughter of system owner Manfred Wittmann. “Putting petrol into their mopeds takes up a large part of my friends‘ pocket money. Not only can I fuel up for free, but my moped doesn‘t generate any harmful emissions.” Anja uses the power generated by the roof-mounted PV system to keep her electric moped fully charged.
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Everything for the home

Tailor your pV system to your requirements

To make the best possible use of the solar energy you generate, the size of your photovoltaic system should be tailored to your needs; it should definitely not be too big, for example. This is particularly important when you’re not being reimbursed at all or only minimally for feeding energy into the grid. Don’t have a perfectly oriented roof? It doesn’t matter; photovoltaics is still worthwhile. If your roof has an east-west orientation, it will supply power earlier in the morning and for longer in the evening compared to a south-facing system. Find out more

Adapt your pV system to your behaviour

The core of the photovoltaic system is the inverter. Fronius offers a range of solutions to suit differing requirements: the Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo and Fronius Symo Hybrid SnapINverters can be used in systems of any size and boast power categories from 1.5 to 20.0 kW. Our inverters are equipped with an energy management function as standard, which enables consumers to be switched on and off automatically. You can find out information such as how much power is currently being generated or your consumption at any time on our Fronius Solar.web online portal. Thanks to the open interfaces, the Fronius inverters can be easily integrated into home automation systems. In addition to maximum convenience, these also ensure efficient energy management throughout the home. Find out more

Don’t waste solar energy, store it!

With our Fronius Energy Package storage solution, you can use your solar energy day and night. The excess electricity produced by the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter during the day is stored in a battery and can be used at any time. This technology boasts a high service life and maximum efficiency. The Fronius Energy Package can easily be integrated into an existing photovoltaic system. Thanks to the three-phase emergency power supply, with this solution your home continues to be supplied with power even during power outages. Find out more

Hannes Heigl, system owner

To play their part in the energy economy of the future, the Heigl family from Hofkirchen decided to have a 6 kWp photovoltaic system installed in 2013. A year later, the system was expanded and a storage system was added. The Fronius Energy Package, including Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S, Fronius Solar Battery 7.5 and Fronius Smart Meter, generates approximately 3,650 kWh of energy per annum. The family of four uses ninety percent of the solar power produced themselves. The decision was made in favour of Fronius due to the superb product quality and the comprehensive system monitoring feature. “Fronius provides the perfect complete system for storing the electricity we have generated so that we can use it ourselves. The easy installation of the Fronius Energy Package as well as the fast data connection with the installation wizard via WLAN have really impressed me,” explains Hannes Heigl.

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