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IntiTech’s smart grid solar solution empowers our clients to take matters into their own hands.

Our smart grid system consists of solar panels, controller, inverters and batteries.

Costa Rica Solar PanelsCosta Rica Solar Battery Backup


The energy produced by the photovoltaic solar panels is consumed directly or stored in the batteries for night time use. You only use the grid as back up when both the panels and batteries are unable to supply sufficient energy.


Why Choose IntiTech SmartGrid Solar System?

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bills
  • No  need to apply for a grid-tie permit from the energy provider
  • Don’t pay for changing to a two-way meter
  • have a blackout back-up of 8 or more hours
  • have clean uninterrupted pure sine wave energy
  • have no more power surge damage to your appliances
  • have the option to connect to the grid in the future

How to Get Started with a FREE Estimate

Please provide us with the following:

  1. Location site – The Google Earth latitude and longitude coordinates or the name of the town where the project is located.
  2. The most recent electricity bill or the average monthly consumption in kWh for the last twelve months.
  3. The peak demand in kW or a list of the appliances that would be connected to the smart grid system
  4. The relative consumption percentage of your average energy usage in the day versus the night.

10 Things to Know About Solar

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