Costa Rica Solar Pool Pump Soltions

Intitech Solar Pool Pump Solutions for Residential and Commercial

IntiTech Solar Costa Rica – Solar Water Systems
Solar Water Delivery or hydro power easily fulfills your needs for drinking, irrigation and swimming pool water. IntiTech will evaluate your water requirements and present you with an installed solution or a do-it-yourself kit.
The size of your system varies according to the type of source: well, spring, river or rain water. The system is separated into potable and utility groups. You may opt for PV direct and battery powered systems.
We design reservoir or storage tanks to meet your needs.
Solar Powered Pumps

Solar energy efficiently satisfies your irrigation and potable water needs with well pumps, while solar pool pumps filter pool water to keep it clean. Solar pumps are up to 2.5 times more efficient than conventional pumps. Our German made Lorentz pumps are among the best on the market. IntiTech will guide you throughout the evaluation of your water requirements and propose an efficient solar solution.
Solar Pool Pumps

The solar pool pump filters the pool water with greater efficiency than conventional pumps. In order to size your pool pump the following information is required.
Sizing Requirements for Pool Pumps

  • Pool capacity in liters or gallons.
  • Deepest point depth in meters.
  • Distance to nearest south facing roof from pump.
  • Geographical Location

We are a certified Lorentz partner and have been working in solar pool and well pumps for since 1999.

See our certification here


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